A More Perfect Union

Although I anticipate the predictable few who only comment when they see an opportunity to criticize or disagree, but this one is not what you may think. So I’m going to throw this one out there.


Understand that this is not an opportunity for anyone to bash another political party as tempting that may be, but think about the question being asked. You or I may not like a certain political party, but I’m not going to go after them this time.


Given the political environment we have been in for years in this country, should we actually consider more than two major parties? 


Today we have the Democratic Party and the Republican Party as the two major parties. Regardless of our disapproval of either major party, I wonder what would happen to both if more people would  disaffiliate with either the GOP  or Democratic Party and just be their own stand-alone political party?


Better yet, why not promote the Green Party, Libertarian Party and the WI & RI Moderate Party’s, since all  have valid concerns despite their faults. The two major parties have valid concerns, but both have become so polarizing and has a long history they carry with them that is not easily forgiven or embraced by all. You can barely mention one or the other without hatred of some level being displayed for both of their ugly past.


Both Democrats and Republicans are made up of two sub-groups; the extremist and the moderates. Now one could suggest three sub-groups if you consider Progressive Democrats & the Tea Party.


I  believe it’s time for some of these sub-parties to stop riding the coat tails of the two major parties and simply stand on their own.


I have asked questions of both political parties repeatedly only to get someone on either side suggesting I was this or that, while never addressing the question or issues. It’s about being right or seen as right.


Imagine how much would we get done as a nation if no one voted for a Republican or a Democrat? At least in terms of their anticipated voting blocks.


Republicans need White Heterosexual Conservative Christians to vote Republican. Democrats need Blacks, Latinos, Women, Youths, other immigrants and GLBT communities to vote for Democrats and so on. The question of diversity I have repeatedly asked will never be answered or even addressed by Republicans, because it is not a priority to their base. The question of consideration of economic or military concerns will not be fully addressed by Democrats because it is not a priority to their base.


Democrats do not care about Republicans and Republicans do not care about Democrats, but both forget what makes up these two are people.


We may complain about one industry or another being too big to fail, but many within both major parties are responsible for failing the nation by practicing the ideology of politics as usual.


Would we actually form a more perfect union without these two divisive parties?



Remember: Don’t demonstrate your inability to consider others by saying it is just the fault of one and not so much the other. It is the fault of us all. Republican and Democrat.


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  1. Would the world of a collection of parties bring about the deal-making coalitions that seem to be chaotic (as in Europe)? Just a thought … after all, you know I’m not a happy camper about our big 2.

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