What Makes for Peace?


Since all we hear from people is what’s wrong, how about we take another approach in order to answer the real question.


When we look at the things that go on throughout our world in this period of time, you find people wondering with confusion about everything. I want to pose a question to everyone who has complained about the issues of the day.


So lets begin a conversation that seeks to answer this simple question.


What makes for peace?


It’s one thing to answer it, but another to apply the process of the answer. Some people simply refuse to consider others.


5 thoughts on “What Makes for Peace?

  1. Peace is not what it has become (a UN guard holding a gun). One aspect of peace must be love. Love of humanity, love of the good we make and organize together, love of life and freedom.

  2. Hi Tim!

    What a great question! When I think of what makes for “Peace”, I believe it can be found near places that promote equality and mutual respect.

    Hope all is well…safe travels and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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