Like Any Other Day

I just want to ask everyone to take a few moments and do something with me as you read what is written. I want you to not consider what you have to do tomorrow or days, weeks or months after that, but just think about today.


Like any other day we open our eyes, get out of our beds and prepare ourselves for the day. We go into our daily routines, taking a shower, brushing our teeth, putting on deodorant, ironing our clothes, getting a drink, reading our emails, preparing for work or even checking to see what some guy named Tim has written 🙂


Basically, it’s like any other day.  And for most of us it probably will be just that, but for some it may not end like any other day.  But what could you do today if you knew it was your last?


We often do not take the time to recognize our opportunities over our responsibilities.


We treat today like any other day. We’re focused more on what we have to do, than what we are able and willing to do. Rarely do you hear someone express why they love the opportunities the day presents, because we consider ourselves more than we consider others.


What becomes frustrating and disappointing to me is the mindless bickering over trivial details or intricacies of beliefs that we all find ourselves caught up in on occasions. You can defend yourself when attacked or proclaim what you believe is true, but we should simply stop arguing over it.


Today begins like any other day, but if you travel throughout history and even your own, I’m sure you can find several days that started off like any other day, but ended significantly different.


  • July 28, 1914 was like any other day, but before the day concluded war was declared.


  • December 1, 1955 was like any other day in Montgomery, Alabama, but before the day concluded a boycott was born and the launching of the public career of a 26 year old minister began.


  • November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas was like any other day, but before the day concluded the nation was mourning the assassination of a President.


  • April 4, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee was like any other day, but it ended with the public career of a now 39 years old minister dead and movement in jeopardy.


  • September 11, 2001 was like any other day, but later that morning we learned how things can change at a moments notice.


  • Today began like any other day for millions of people around the world, but someone did not begin this day.


Their deeds are done, whether good or bad and what may be revealed will come to light soon enough. Don’t allow today to end like any other day without you recognizing and striving to demonstrate love, consideration and sincere concern towards someone who may not expect it.


Take time to learn so you can teach, but keep in mind not everyone has the mind or the interest in learning anything more than what they believe they already know. So know when to leave them where they are, because there’s not much you can say to them that they would even hear past the noise in their head.


You never know if today will be your last or like any other day. My suggestions are to make the best of the opportunities presented while you can. Love where you are in life, but don’t get too comfortable, because it can change without fair warning.


Do what you need to do to have a rich life, but don’t forget about others. The cost of sincerity and consideration towards others comes from the abundance of love you have in your heart and willingness to see yourself in them and their situations.



2 thoughts on “Like Any Other Day

  1. Many things to think about within this post … many. If we knew it was our last day, I wonder how many of us would focus on something for self, rather than something for others. On the other hand, a simple point is to go about the day by doing your best to be nice to people because smiles, kind words to others, and biting your tongue when necessary are a few of those little things that can make one’s day … especially self.

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