Another Opportunity

Each day is a unique opportunity for you to try again. Try again, but proceed with caution in mind to not make the same mistakes as you may have previously. Continue with the confidence that you can and will do better or get it right this time. Get it right in our considerations for others beyond our own knowledge, perceptions or assumptions.

Regardless what you have chosen to practice or believe, spiritual or not, keep in mind that tomorrow is not promised and you can not retrieve yesterday. All you have is today.

Be present where you are. Appreciate what you have and what you can do today. Practice a greater awareness of consideration towards others beyond your own understanding and experiences. Demonstrate forgiveness more than you ask for forgiveness.

We have a wealth of time in our hands, but we spend it on things for ourselves than we do on others. Spend more time listening to others than talking about them. Invest in them by encouraging them in areas they may be weak and learn from the areas they are strong. Be willing to love them for who they are more than what they think or others say they are.

Is today worth missing or the moment so insignificant that you spend more time dreaming of yesterday or thinking about tomorrow that you are not present where you are today?

You may not have accomplished all you set out to achieve today, but the hope for tomorrow always offers another opportunity, but none will be possible if you’re not present where you are today.

So before the day is over I ask that you make peace with yourself, so if you see tomorrow, it too can present another opportunity.


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