FOX News cuts away from ‘Giffords vigil’ when Sarah Palin’s name is mentioned


On a related clip:

On a related clip: (Sarah Palin’s Targeted List)

When the Sheriff of Tucson decries political “Vitriol” something is up.

Now I believe this guy is unstable who did the shooting in Arizona, but also believe there is a reason to be aware of the political rhetoric that encourages the unstable to act. You may not like someone, but when you get into the place where you hear calls for killing or lock and reload, something is wrong. Personally, I’ve given up expecting considerate conversion from certain parties, but this type of stuff is exactly what I’ve warned about.


3 thoughts on “FOX News cuts away from ‘Giffords vigil’ when Sarah Palin’s name is mentioned

  1. Can you believe it though? A Congresswoman had a bullet put through her brain. I’m so glad she lived. I hope she recovers with all her faculties and continues to fight. I hope she shows up on the House floor with her head bandaged and keeps fighting her good fight.

    The nutjob that shot her spoke in coded crazy talk on youtube. He’s so unbelievably arrogant. This was his expression of defending the Constitution.

    And stunning that Sarah Palin literally had crosshairs for Representative Giffords.

  2. “An attack on one who serves is an attack on all who serve. Acts and threats of violence against public officials have no place in our society.”

    This a quote from Boehner. I wish he had condemned tea party and conservative radio vitriol with this force a long time ago. But I’m glad he finally said it.

  3. Hi Tim!

    An excellent post! I share Melissa’s sentiments that much needed to be done much sooner to ensure civil discourse, but am encouraged that Mr. Boehner stepped forward to speak out against this senseless behavior.

    Hope all is well, Sir…have a great week!

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