A Call to Conscience

I’ve been writing about the incident in Tucson and plan on being able to release it by Saturday in another venue. Despite the behaviors of those who we can anticipate their response, we can not waste much time with them.

I sincerely have strive to write something that has meaning to it and may help someone in someway deal with the issue at-hand. Regardless of those who choose to misunderstand or side with what places their conclusions in a better light than challenging themselves to consider others.

As I was writing, I was  listening to this particular speech by Dr. King and the Eulogy delivered at the 16th Street Baptist Church after the bombing speaks to the issue of political rhetoric and who essentially pays for it. This lead me to titled what I’m writing “Who Pays for our Political Rhetoric?“.

I just wanted to share this speech/eulogy with you before I publish what I’ve written in hopes it provides a background for my approach to this tragedy in Tucson. Although I know some simply will not read it, I ask those who may to just read it. Don’t get stuck in an implicit bias when you read it, but consider others as you read it as if you practice an ideological moratorium.

Eulogy for the Young Victims of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church Bombing
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.