Anthony Miller Black Republican Quits Arizona Post Due To Tea Party Threats

Anthony Miller Black Republican Quits Arizona Post Due To Tea Party Threats
“Today my wife of 20 years asks me do I think that my PCs (Precinct Committee members) will shoot at our home?
I love the Republican Party, but I don’t want to take a bullet for anyone.
So with this being said I am stepping down from LD20GOP Chairman. I will make a full statement on Monday.”

Frm. Chairman Anthony Miller



Anthony Miller is the state of Arizona’s ONLY Black Republican to chair a legislative district. In a party already vastly racially unbalanced and standoffish towards the interests of the communities it hasn’t served in decades is suffering another lost in the battle of racial equality.

Verbal threats and Internet blog posts from Tea Party member’s causes it’s only African-American Republican district chairman to quit.

News from 43-year-old Anthony Miller resigned from his position as the Chairman of Legislative District 20 Republicans; which covers sections of Chandler, south Tempe, and Ahwatukee Foothills.

Mr. Miller resigned six hours after the massacre in Tucson, Arizona. The former chairman, in an email, stated he made the decision after his wife asked him if he thought someone would shoot at their home.

According to the article, Mr. Anthony Miller received emails stating that someone was going to “get him”. He also claims several people with Tea Party ties, referred to him as “McCain’s boy” and motioned with their hands as if they were shooting him.

Final Arguements:

No one can say I haven’t been trying to warn you about this happening. There’s only so much one can accept or ignore before coming to the conclusion of doing something about it.

Some will not read anything that is written and just look at it as an opportunity to argue, disagree, discount or disprove. This is just one reason why I have simply given up and written the Republican & Tea Party off. When I say I’m letting time and history be your judge, that’s what continue to be documented in report after report with instances such as this.  Those who continue will see that I’m honestly not trying to come against you, but warn you. I’m not your enemy, but what has made our political environment what it is today is who I’m targeting.

All you can do is try, but you can’t always change a mind that is convinced that it is right and leaves no room for discourse or opportunity for consideration. When someone continuously points something out to you with multiple examples or occurrences to support their argument, you must stop long enough to consider others beyond your own understanding.

Take a good look at your party and its members and be honest with yourself. Stop looking to disprove or point the finger at Democrats, look at yourself. What has the party you are affiliated with become? The other guys may have problems, but how do they compare to my own problems?

Listen, I may not be a Republican, but I am open-minded and honest enough to have tried to throw you a line to help pull you back in. You may be a Republican, but I still see you as an American. That is more than I can say many of your fellow Republicans have said or viewed me and members of my party.

What happened in Tucson, Arizona was an unfortunate trial run. This will happen again and is likely going to be a more visible target. I am not blaming you for the shootings, but giving the language and behavior many members have exhibited is the reason for the focus on you. This can not be ignored any longer.

I’m absolutely pleading with you to listen. You must not only speak out against what the GOP has become, but become more active in doing something about it. I say this not to be mean or score any political points, but take a serious look at the party. Stop ignoring the obvious. The Republican Party is virtually a regional, culturally restrained White Heterosexual Christian political organization. It leaves no room for growth or diversity. The Democratic Party is capitalizing off of that. I simply can not say it any plainer than that.

Mr. Anthony Miller, I think you made the right move. Not because of any political differences we may have, but you adhered to your position as a husband, father and man. Perhaps you can help your fellow Republicans better comprehend what it is many have become, because I give up.


2 thoughts on “Anthony Miller Black Republican Quits Arizona Post Due To Tea Party Threats

  1. I am black and I’m as confused as I can be on this article. I’m not sure what is going on with the Miller family, but I seriously doubt that “Tea Party” has anything to do with his decision.

    Tea Party affiliation is a lonely role if you focus on skin color, but immensely rewarding if viewed from the standpoint of shared values. I treasure freedom as a “legal” immigrant and have no appreciation for those who lack respect for this country and its laws. On the social issues, I find the values of blacks to be more in line with conservative views. If however, you only focus on the “popular leaders”, you might conclude differently which is understandable given their prostituting behavior.

    In the end Mr Miller’s decision must be respected. It’s unfortunate that it has to be disguised. He is protecting his family – an admirable Tea Party quality.


  2. This was from AZCentral not me. The section called Final Arguments is the part I had to say. I’m basically finished trying to have discussions regarding the Tea Party with anyone. Let them do what they do, because I’ve honestly tried. I’ve studied this type of stuff for awhile and despite my best efforts I’ve concluded that there really isn’t much I can say anymore to help, as much as I hate to say it, I really have removed myself from the issue. I thought this was interested.

    But thank you for reading and commenting. I do appreciate it 🙂 Be Good.

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