What Makes for Peace: USA & Cuba


Awhile ago I asked the question, “What makes for Peace?” in hopes of getting answers regarding your ideas for how we journey towards and arrive at what we all can consider peace. If injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, then we must begin with this question.


We are intelligent people. There is little reason why we can not make a stride towards peace by addressing the obstacles in our path. I want to believe that we all are in support of world peace and global harmony. We know that is not always possible, but when it is we should work towards it. Just because it takes time doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.


I would like for us to continue this conversation for peace by considering our (United States) relationship with Cuba with a question that I hope you will share not only your thoughts, but you solutions in your response.


How long should we keep up this hatred of Cuba?


If we are suppose to be the purveyors of peace, should we at least make an attempt of seeking it?


We do not trade with Cuba because it’s a communist country, but nothing is said about our relationship as a borrower or trader with China. Our relationship with Vietnam is vital to the spirit of international harmony, but to hell with Cuba? How do we justify this standard?


The ultimate measure of our words is not what we say in moments of comfort and convenience, but what we do in times of challenge and controversy when no one is paying attention.


Who is willing to do what makes for peace?


More importantly, how much is peace worth to you?

3 thoughts on “What Makes for Peace: USA & Cuba

  1. Hi Tim!

    Have to commend you for your sense of fairness, essentially asking the same question our foreign policy wonks should dare to ask. Unfortunately, for Cuba, there may be two sensitive issues that may prohibit our progress in thawing out our relationship with them: No.1…the close proximity of them to our border in terms of the potential for a sneak-attack and direct hit, and No. 2…the closeminded diehard Cold-Warriors who are still stuck in the mentality of the Cold War period who actually still believe No. 1 may occur.

    Have to give President Obama and you both credit for at least having the decency and courage to revisit this dated foreign-policy. Some of us more sensible Republicans feel the same.

    Please venture over if time permits and weigh in on your Super Bowl pick this weekend. Sad to hear that your beloved Titans parted ways with their former head football coach Jeff Fisher recently. Curious, Tim, Do you think that move was a good idea? Have a great week! Carpe Diem!

    1. I agree with you. I will take effort from both countries. I would have an eye in FL watching them either way.

      The whole Titans saga I would have to visit your page and comment. Drama drama drama.

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