Barbara Bush for Marriage Equality

OK… Sigh… I must give both Barbara & Laura Bush credit for having the courage to speak out against an issue that has plagued their father (George W. Bush), Uncle (Former FL Gov. Jeb Bush) and Grandfather (George H.W. Bush)’s party.

I give them credit not just because they are speaking about an issue of equality, but because they are speaking out on an issue of equality that involves marriage. An issue that their party or at least their family’s party affiliation has used in a political context.

They do this with the knowledge that many of their family’s party members and various media outreach outlets will actively work to discredit them in one way or the other. This proves a point I’ve made a long time ago on a different subject. One of the most powerful voice for change is of the reformed and oppressed.

Some will be quick to offer the excuse as a subtle diversion of the issue that other political parties have used wedge issues. I agree, many have, but we’re not talking about other parties in the post, but speaking about the contribution towards equality regarding marriage despite of the oppositions to them or the issue. The point is equality and all the consequences that comes with that.

So I will say, good work Barbara 🙂

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