A Love Letter to Share


I just want to share this letter about love with you as we celebrate Valentine’s Day.


The contractual approach to love says that I will love you if, but a covenantal approach to love says that I will love you even if.


How many of us are honest enough in our relationships to love the other person even if?


Please don’t answer that publicly, but privately to yourself.


This is something we should contemplate everyday, but especially this day that society has commercialized as a day of and for love. Tomorrow many will go about living the lie they have conformed and/or confines themselves to. Whether it is in a relationship that may not live up to what it was meant to be, but that doesn’t mean love can not come.


Some will try to argue the point of love with you, but consider the motivation of their decent and see if you can find the love.


Love someone today, not because it’s Valentine’s Day, because it is the only day you have. So many people today will go about with a smile on their face, but a heart that is broken in mourning a love that’s lost or no more. Discouraged or alone due to the lack of attention, misunderstanding, lack of concern, separation, divorce or death. So I’ll say it again, love someone today. Love them for no reason at all or that it is today. Tell them how much you sincerely appreciate them for who they are and will be. We must stop confining ourselves and others to the mistakes, stubbornness and pride we held in the past.


If I can offer anything to you today it would be love, forgiveness and acceptance. Leave the excuses for why you believe you can not and/or will not forgive behind and heal yourself, that relationship, that remnant of love instead of hate, fear, sorrow or regret.


Love, acceptance and forgiveness may not be easy for some, but when you consider others it is possible and available. Be sincere enough to seek it.


Finally, be willing to forgive, love and accept yourself with a covenantal approach. I recognize that I haven’t always thought, said or did what was right in respect of these things, but I’m honest enough to ask for forgiveness, humble enough to be appreciative of your acceptance and open towards love. You must be able to forgive and love yourself first to show the same consideration towards others.


Whether your love becomes contractual, sincerely work to make it covenantal. Always be considerate enough to love even if. Never be too afraid to demonstrate your love.


Happy Valentine’s Day


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