Handle With Care

We never take the time to realize how our day may end, so we take it for granted. Life is the one fragile thing that we sometimes handle recklessly.

We must consider others, love and forgive them, because you never know if today will be their last or your own. We never know who you may affect when you stop saying you love them and start demonstrating love towards them. Cherish what you have and recognize what you have to give. Sometimes all is needed is a sincere word, concerned for others or the heart to listen without judgment.

We never know when you wake up each day whether you may get to do it again, we simply assume we will. Seize the opportunities presented to you by loving someone today through forgiveness, through acceptance, through your sincere support during the hard times and cheering for them in the good times. Demonstrate love by listening to them to learn their perspective and not just seeking to find what you disagree with.

I did not plan on writing anything, but this was just something that I wanted to share. Give the gift of forgiveness, reconciliation, love and appreciation. Love today, because you may not have another opportunity to ever do so.

Life is fragile, handle it with care.