The Battle from Within

Before anyone assumes or asks, “What did you do Tim?” I wrote this not about any individual or myself, but about anyone. Who hasn’t made a mistake? If you make like you haven’t or it is rare, then you need to tell us how you became so great. For the rest of us, when you read this we need to look at ourselves and confront our battles from within, more than searching for fights with others. 🙂

We all have done something or things that we are ashamed, embarrassed or regret. I know I have.

The things we’ve privately vowed to take to our graves in secrecy out of the fear, guilt and humiliation is usually made out of fear that we may be revealed and judged are often things others keep locked away too. We confine ourselves to a life of secrecy instead of freedom because we are unwilling to expose our failures, transgressions and disappointments. Many times we do so out of the fear of what others may say, think or do. So we choose not to forgive ourselves and live with self-condemnation in order to protect ourselves from the damnation of others.

You must not allow yourself to get caught up in impeding mountains that appear to keep you from destiny. I know it is difficult, but we must overcome our battles from within in order to live freely.

But I messed up.”

OK, but it happens. What you need to concentrate on is not your mistake, but your solution.

I shouldn’t have done that. I can never forgive myself.

You shouldn’t confine yourself to such a staunchly conservative position. You are limiting your ability to grow, progress and to be forgiven. Instead you’re welcoming self-damnation instead of redemption. Yes, you may have been wrong, but what can you do about the past? Accept responsibility, forgive yourself, learn from your mistake and correct it. There’s no need to be bound to your mistakes for the rest of your life. There are far too many unforgiving, self-righteous, bias-filled people out there that will try to do that for you. You don’t need to be one of them.

  • Lets begin to correct the mistake by making a sincere effort not to make it again and learning what lead us into making it.
  • Then forgive yourself.
  • Ask for forgiveness, don’t expect it.

We are so eager to point out what someone else has done wrong or the injustices committed towards us, but become timid when we must confront ourselves. Forgiveness begins with you.

The things I’m profoundly sorry for saying, believing or doing can not be taken back. All I can do is acknowledge the mistake, situation or issue, learn from it and move forward. We can not continue to live in those mistakes or the situations that lead us to the issue. These are the battles from within that we can overcome.

We all encounter people who annoy us, tempt us or persuades us to do, say or think things that we should try refraining from. They approach us with various things at our weakest moments. We got to learn to recognize those individuals and situations so that we may be prepared for the battle they or it will try or bring to you.

The disingenuous thoughts, scandalous ideas and malicious suggestions are easy to come up with. The challenge is fighting against the hostility, vindictiveness and cut throat environments before it begins to consume you. Some people only see, hear or read you for the opportunity to disagree.

Some may try to lead you to believe that they’ve never done anything that they regret, but they’re only deceiving themselves. You’ve done something that you regret doing. You’ve said something that now you are ashamed of saying. If neither of those, you’ve thought something that if acted upon or if anyone knew that you did would cause public humiliation and isolation. Don’t fool yourself, be honest with yourself and forgive yourself.

We all have acted hypocritical, but you become a hypocrite when you continue to practice hypocrisy.