Spring Cleaning: Going Through Your Closet


For those who may have an annual spring cleaning, may I suggest that you always consider cleaning up another area of your life. I’m speaking about the people that we call friends.


While going through my closet trying on that shirt, pants and jacket that doesn’t fit like it use to anymore, I tried not to get discouraged. I know I have some work to do, but I also know that some of these items need to go anyway. This lead me to think about my relationships with others; the friendships, acquaintances, current and former co-workers, friends from school, church or some other organization. It’s time to go into that friend closet and sort out who and what doesn’t seem to fit me in the same way it use to. What to keep, donate or toss.


While some of us may want to begin our Spring Cleaning by getting rid of some family members, we can’t do that. Besides they’ll just keep on coming back. If you’ve done all you can for those family members and they still want to act funny towards you, just put a smile on your face and laugh to yourself.


During the year and over the course of time we pick up various relationships with people. Some may find you through a friend of a friend, others like something you’ve said in the past and others just happen. Over time few of those friendships become strained, annoying or stressful and cause such anguish whenever they’re around.


A friend becomes upset or disagrees once with you and can’t move on, so they begin disagreeing with you on things you once agreed upon. They become that person who has nothing good to say.


Many times we hold on to things and people longer than we need to. You may like those polyester pants, but they make you look bad. It’s OK… Get rid of it or them. It’s nothing personal, seasons come and go, styles change, we grow. There’s no reason to hold on to something that does nothing for you.


You can’t get rid of your family, even when you may want to, but you can be aware of them. There’s too much paper work and considerations involved getting rid of your spouse, but if they are abusing or mistreating you, work to get away from them and help. Although some do, or may want to at times, you shouldn’t consider leaving your children because they get on your nerves.


Who you can and should donate or toss is that person who has developed a pattern of annoyance with you on multiple occasions. If someone develops a pattern of saying, doing or practicing things that you are opposed to in your presence without consideration for you, then it is time to consider other options. When you are only wrong with them and they are always right, then accept the fact that you’ve outgrown the relationship and its time to get something more suited to you.


People are like buses; if you miss one just be patient, because another one is nearby. Just make sure that its going in the same direction you’re going.


So donate or toss out some of those people who has nothing better to do than complain about everything or has nothing positive, informative, supportive or motivational. Donate the relationship to someone who accepts that. Toss out what  doesn’t seem to fit anymore, whether its that former co-worker who is not like they use to be, the neighbor who only talks to you to see what you got or the so-called friend who has forgotten its meaning.That boyfriend who expects you to take care of everything while he pursues his desires. That girlfriend who only pays attention when you get ready to walk out of that door for the last time. Those people who are upset because you’ve matured quicker than they have. Toss ’em out and give them up.


It’s time to make room for the newness of life and what good it has to offer. You make room so you have space to give it your all. And within the process you may discover an acquaintance who turns out to be timeless, durable and comfortable. The person who becomes what a friend is suppose to be. This is who you place in the keep file, the rest you either donate or toss.


It’s time to clean-up. Relationships are recyclable. Take the time to sort through the paper friends, the plastic ones from the timeless ones. Then keep the ones who serve a positive purpose in your life.


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Going Through Your Closet

  1. It seems that it has been too long since I’ve been here, so perhaps the alignment of the stars got me to this post. 🙂

    Friendships happen for so many reason – even bad ones. But your closet analogy is very good, while also stimulating thinking.

    Sometimes I think of friendships as two converging lines. As the approach, they get closer. At a point in time they are the same. As time goes on, they grow further apart. Sometimes the two lines form a large angle, which refers to a short friendship. Whereas the smaller angle refers to a longer friendship. Two lines as one line are the ultimate, and same find that.

    OH well … enough of my geometry analogy. I hope all is well with you and the family.

    1. What’s up Frank.

      I’ve actually peaked in your blog a few times the past few weeks. I may get up your way in a few months to visit the Freedom Center. So I will make a note to let you know when I do.

      I’m still blogging, just slowed it down to once or twice a week.

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