The Skeletons In Your Closet

Have you ever had to deal with someone or people who seem to have nothing better to do than to try reveal the skeletons in your closet?

Some who may read this note will say something about someone else while avoiding placing the attention on themselves. We rather talk about what someone else have done, rather than talk about what we can do for them or the similar things that we’ve done that no one knows about.

What they’ll have you believe is that you are your mistakes, transgressions and indiscretions. They’ll seek to confine and define you to what you did or said.They want you to be what you were instead of supporting you in your journey to become what you’re meant to be.

How many people do you know like that?

It may be a family member, a childhood friend, neighbor, church member, co-worker or even you. You know the type, never have anything good to say about anything, never happy, seeking fault or generally disagreeable. It’s those adversarial attitudes that brings me to ask what’s in your closet?

I’m sure I may be the only one who has made some stupid mistakes, said things that I wish I hadn’t or did things that I know I shouldn’t have. As uncomfortable as it may be, I’m owning those mistakes so that others can’t rent, lease or hire my skeletons out of the closet at-will to use against me or to put me down. I’m suggesting you to do the same.

Yeah, I’ve made stupid mistakes, but what’s in your closet? I’ve forgiven myself and others, why is forgiveness too difficult for you to accept? Haven’t you made mistakes? Or is it that all you’ve done isn’t as bad as what others have done?

Never be confine to a life govern by your mistakes. If others are unwilling to forgive, forgive yourself and be committed to not making the same mistake again. Own your mistakes so others won’t try to make you think they own you because of them.

Besides, think of the skeletons they have in their closet.


One thought on “The Skeletons In Your Closet

  1. Our human nature causes us to focus on the actions of others over our own.

    Our human nature causes to protect ourselves by tearing others down.

    Our human nature is to ask for forgiveness before reaching out to someone who hurt us, thus grant them forgiveness.

    It’s simply easier to rattle skeletons of others before admit our frailties, misgivings, and transgressions.

    Then again, two of the gifts from God our free will … which gives us a lot of freedom to make mistakes (which also comes with a large closet for the skeletons)… and the gift of forgiveness because He knows our selfish use of free will causes us to fall short of His expectations.

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