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In 2010, Stephen launched the Give Back Foundation, a 501(c)3 public charity created to help people give back.

The Give Back Foundation was established to allow any person to join GiveBack and set up their personal foundation account. The funds that accumulate in that account are part of the Give Back Foundation. Each member has the ability to direct the funds from their account to any charity in good standing with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

Together, all of the members’ accounts are gathered under one Give Back Foundation account awaiting the direction of each member. The members can give their money away whenever they choose, either as a single donation or as part of a group of people coming together to support a cause. 100% of the money that is directed to a charity is sent to the charity. The Give Back Foundation doesn’t charge you or the charity anything for the transaction.

Any money that a member adds directly into their GiveBack account is immediately tax deductible to the full extent allowed. Any additional money that may be added, either by our corporate sponsors or other individuals, is not deductible by the member. At year end the Give Back Foundation will issue every member a consolidated giving statement that may be used as an IRS tax receipt.

GiveBack allows you to put all your charitable giving in one place. And you can give any amount to any charity at any time. You can even earn money as you shop thanks to our retail partners.

So whether you’re looking to set up a Foundation that will last a lifetime, helping your chosen charity in the short term, or just accumulating money from your day-to-day shopping, your foundation offers the flexibility to GiveBack as and when you wish.

No matter the charity or the cause – as long as they’re registered with the IRS – your foundation can give to any charity you want. From education, healthcare, animal, environment, disaster relief or social issues – and everything in between – you’ll find all kinds of worthy organizations that need your help.

GiveBack allows you to give money to the causes you care about – and we make it easy to donate. Give any amount to any charity at any time.

And you can start your free personal foundation today in THREE easy steps:

1. Create your foundation
a. Sign-up and get searching for charities or causes you’d like to support.

2. Fill your foundation
a. Add money to your foundation in three simple ways:
i. Make a donation directly from your credit card.
ii. Shop with our 400+ online mall partners and earn up to 15% of each purchase.
iii. Engage with our sponsors and earn more for your foundation.

3. Increase your Impact.
a. There’s power in numbers. Spread the word by promoting charities and sharing stories.
i. If you want, you can highlight your favorite charities on Facebook.
ii. Small donations add up: now you and your friends can donate together.

Soon you’ll be able to create campaigns on behalf of your favorite charity, so you can manage local fundraisers through GiveBack.

There are a few issues that are near and dear to me, but I can only suggest the one that I feel is connected with them all is my campaign for consideration of others. Beyond all that I have written and advocated over the years what is usually at the root of it is the thought, idea and suggestion of consideration for others. Regardless of our differences, if we have consideration for one another we can accomplish so many things.

I will be creating my foundation around this idea and will work on developing a website and all. I’m not financially wealthy at all, but I do have enough consideration to give to you. Expect to hear more from me regarding this and I sincerely appreciate GiveBack for this concept.

Take a moment to visit and see what you can do.


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  1. Hi Tim!

    What a wonderful idea for folks to do something meaningful, and impact our respective communities in a positive manner–double thumbs up, Sir. Should our electronic paths not cross again this week, here’s wishing you and yours a safe and memorable holiday.

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