Seeking Happily Ever After

There are SOME men who needlessly get intimidated by a woman’s success, ambition, motivation, abilities or appearance rather than recognizing those attributes as qualities you would want in a woman. My suggestion is to allow it to be a challenge to you to step your game up.

There are SOME women who become so dependent on the other that they essentially define themselves and give up their identity to the person they’re in a relationship with. Too often it is to the extent that they feel a sense of powerlessness or low self-worth.

In consideration of everyone, I would expect these two scenarios are true in same-sex relationships too.

Either way we shouldn’t place ourselves in these positions. We can be supportive without being dependent. You can be a couple without losing your identity. A woman can make more than a man without it somehow infringing on his manhood/ego. A man can take care of his child/children without your assistance and do an exceptional job.

Understand how valuable you are not only to them, but to yourself. If it wasn’t for you they wouldn’t be who they are. If they are so into who they are they can’t see or respect you for who you are, then why are you with them?

I know that things happen in life that may affect our relationships with others. We want to be loved, adored and have their attention. Sometimes we may be disappointed when it doesn’t happen or we do not receive it at all, but keep in mind that as your relationship continues so is life; things happen in life that often affect our relationships.

We all get upset, restless or frustrated when a pattern of neglect develops, but as difficult it may be make the effort to keep that line of communication open between you and your loved one. Try not to allow resentment to be the general sentiment of your relationship.

*Sounded like a preacher right there 🙂

We can’t allow time and comfort to be an obstacle to happiness. Work to free yourself of what confines you, so you can have the joy you seek. Stop worrying about what someone else is doing and pay attention to what you’re doing.

You’ve got to make sure that you’re treating the other person as your equal and not just your helper, supporter, safety net, financier or someone you… and takes care of the things you don’t or won’t do.


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