Windows 8?

I will begin by saying that I am not a Microsoft Fan, perhaps the absolute elimination of anything PC or Microsoft in my house may be an indicator of that. I do not completely dislike Microsoft, because I would be one to admit there are applications they have developed which are good and I even recommend. I guess my dislike is not necessarily from the application level, but the operating system, hardware and user experience level.

So I did not become scared for their competitors when I heard of news for Windows 8. The first thing I thought was, I thought they said Windows 7 was going to be all that and a bag of microchips.


The issue as I see Microsoft has is that they’re trying to regain the public perception that competitors such as Apple, Adobe and Google has, but with their existing products. They try to out do those who they feel are out doing them, more than doing what they do best. Seriously, Word, Excel & Outlook are excellent products, but look at how they continue to mess them up by trying to keep up with the Adobes, Googles and Apples.

Anyway, check out this video talking about Windows 8. I’m going to the Apple store.