Quick Thought: Get Out of the Way

It’s very important, in expressing our requests, to be respectful of the other person’s reaction regardless of whether they agree to the request.” – Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

We often do not take the time to consider others beyond our own understand, but spend our time trying to be right. It’s not difficult to respect others, rather it is your child, neighbor, family member, co-worker or a friend online. Not everyone will understand this or even try, but I have to respect them anyway.

I’ve dealt with some abrasive people and what I’ve learned is to remove my emotions, opinions and experiences from the objectification of their passion and match their abrasiveness with compassion, consideration and sincerity. Consider Others Beyond Yourself begins when you take an ideological moratorium long enough to see others for who they are more than what they are.

Sometimes you simply must remove yourself in order to make for peace. We just have to make a commitment to do what makes for peace and become open enough to do it.