The Last Republican

The Last Republican is a brief tribute written with respect towards the memory, life, advocacy and family of Gerald and Betty Ford with retrospect of the political party that is unrecognizable with the one they once lead. Some may unwittingly prove my point by submitting remarks of inconsideration towards our President, the First Lady or even myself, but it is best sometimes to allow a person’s words to be the teacher. – Tim

I begin this by respectfully sending my sincerest condolences to the family of Gerald & Betty Ford. Although our political affiliations are different, the commitment your parents and family member shared with the country is the same. I appreciate the work Former First Lady Betty Ford championed and advocated throughout her life. She truly is the last Republican.

Allow me to explain what I mean by the phrase, “The Last Republican”. It is meant as a compliment in regards to the Ford family, but a grim reminder for the political party they once lead in the 1970’s.

The reality is that the Republican Party that was lead by President Ford and amplified the voice of advocacy by First Lady Betty Ford is essentially no more when compared to the shell of itself that’s represented today.

Gerald and Betty Ford provided the true definition of a compassionate conservative. They did not need to hide behind disingenuous campaign slogans and scandalous governing, because they were out front with who they were.

How many Republicans today or even Democrats for that matter during the past thirty years have you heard of publicly admitting that they had a drug or alcohol problem before it became a scandal?

How many Republicans today use their power and/or influence to develop a non-profit hospital to help people with additions?

Although it has been almost forty years since Betty Ford walked the halls of the White House, she essentially is the last Republican who can say “I did” to any of the previous questions.

I may not have always agree with their party’s politics, but I can not count on one hand the Republicans today that I can describe as being compassionate. The few I can name are no longer in office and have virtually been dismissed from the party.

I considered accepting the opportunity of addressing the issues Republicans of today engage in, but rather use the opportunity to respectfully honor the life and works of someone who very well may be, the last Republican.

Today your advocacy is unheard of and unspoken and occasionally demonized by members of those who represent the party you was apart of years ago. At least now you can be at rest and perhaps others may learn from your life.

Thank you Mrs. Ford for your life’s work and dedication to people in need. Thank you for being a reminder to Republicans today of what the Republican use to be. May you rest with and in eternal peace.

Thank you.

If you know someone struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, please help them by any means necessary. You may also consider contacting the Betty Ford Center at for additional information and assistance.