Twice As Good

What you must always remember when working in a corporate environment where you are or considered the minority is that most are not concerned or sincerely care about you or the details. They are only concerned and focused on results and how accurate and quickly you can produce them.


Always put forth your best in all that you set out to do. Give no one a reason to believe or assume you did not sincerely try, because they will assume and conclude that you won’t or can not succeed. No matter how imbalance, unfair, disadvantaged or unequal it is, always put forth your best.


If there is an implicit bias towards you, it will become difficult for them to continue applying it towards you. Do not sell out or sell yourself short. Their perceptions of you are driven by how successful you do what you do. Their assumptions are motivated by your behavior in your failures. Have the courage to try again and never give up on yourself.


They do not and will not care about your history, experiences or adversities. They do not care about what you’ve accomplished in the past or challenges or hardships you’ve endured. The approach usually isn’t fair or balanced when it comes to consideration of anyone else other than what is in their own interest. Their concerns are genuinely centered around themselves and what you can accomplish for them today. Remember, the environment you are in.


Of course there are those who will listen, those who may consider, some who are tolerate, but none are willing to accept your excuse for why you can not or did not. Your disadvantage is what you didn’t accomplish, not what hindered you from the accomplishment.


You must be twice as good to be considered acceptable. Smarter than them to be average. You must be more willing and capable than those who do not have to try and believe that they are entitled. Give no one anything to say other than the truth when it comes to you and/or what you may do.


Be who you are, know who you are, love who you are. Never give up. Do not sell-out for any reason. Be true to yourself, but consider how many in corporate environments consider and perceive you. You may want to give them a piece of your mind, but give them the piece that makes them think. Some people simply may never comprehend.


To be a minority in a corporate environment isn’t necessarily just about race or gender or even class economics, but about how well you can do what you do if given the chance. Some people are not given a chance for no other reason than the persons perceptions.


Often you are the representative of not only a race, gender or religious practice, community or socioeconomic class when you enter the boardroom, suite, office, building or situation. Many will make claims of fairness while practicing unconscious discrimination. Never allow that to stop you from where you are destined to go in life.


Power concedes nothing without struggle and fight. Those who may be privilege will not always believe they are. They are plagued with the same thing that you and many others are; we always want to have more.


To be twice as good doesn’t mean you think you’re better than another. It just means that you realize what you’re up against and determined to overcome it. Be up for the challenge. Never give up. Keep moving forward.