You Have The Power

Wherever you may be in the world the pursuit of power and/or influence is found everywhere, even at times within ourselves.


As a child you wanted to be first or the best or seen. We equated these things to power and/or influence.


How often do we ask or consider the question that asks; what is your purpose for seeking, obtaining and/or having power?


For many, the thought of power means superiority, ruling over something or someone, infallible or unaccountable. For others, the thought of power means oppression, service and an obstacle to what they desire or seek. But power is essentially powerless or ineffective without purpose.


Both Adolph Hitler and Martin Luther King, Jr. had power, but it was how that power was used is how we perceive them posthumously today. Those who respect one despises the other and vice versa. What is your purpose for wanting power?


We all use power and influence everyday, whether it is within our language, perceptions or behaviors. We speak about how, what, when and why someone did or may be doing something to us or may affect us and/or how, what, when and why we will or may be doing something that may ultimately affect others we have power or influence over.


Some people are afraid of power or what someone may do with the power they realize they possess. This is what leads me to my question regarding how we use, perceive and consider power.


What is your purpose for seeking, obtaining and/or having power?


Those who recognize their power, what type of steward of that power have you been? Measure how you answer that through a comparison of your honest answer in how you answer the next two questions.


How often is the issue about you?


How often is the issue about others?


We start out with the best intentions when seeking power describing what we would do with it, then the other axis of power goes to work. Then you learn who really has the concept of power. Some retreat in various ways, loosing their vitality and purpose for power to cynicism, anger and hopelessness.


What is your purpose for seeking, obtaining and/or having power?


Power itself is neutral. How it’s used is solely determined by you.


There are those who use power and influence in ways that suggest to some that those who are actually working in their best interest are somehow against them. We see that in some staunch ideologies, beliefs and relationships. The good is suddenly bad and the bad is instantly good, rarely realizing how power is being used. You realize that your words, arguments and suggestions are not considered, because their motives is focused on power more than how its purpose is applied.


What is needed is a realization that power without love is reckless and abusive. Love without power is sentimental and anemic. Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is power correcting everything that stands against love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


Where and how you discover your power is for you to realize. How you apply it is the question that you answer through your response and reaction to opposition at any level. Your commitment to power is what keeps you fighting “the good fight”. Don’t give up. Discover your power, what and how you can do with and use it that leaves you on the side of good more than evil.


What is your purpose for seeking, obtaining and/or having power?