Life’s Detours

Everyone who has ever gone anywhere at some point found themselves having to take a detour. Detours are not always bad, but are sometimes necessary. You may want to go right, but it is best that you go left so you do not end up in a ditch or at a dead end.

Detours are temporary paths that takes us in a different direction and/or around what may keep us from our destination.

Sometimes detours shows us a different or better way to go.

Detours can take you on a path that shows you what you’ve have been missing or never knew existed.

Detours sometimes can lead us heading in the wrong path if we are not paying attention.

Often we dismiss one another more than we invite or welcome each other. We become so focused on where we got to go that we fail to see what is passing us by or even the signs that tells us of the detour ahead.

We all find ourselves staring at life’s detour signs from time-to-time, but remember that detours are temporary. Use the detour ahead in your life to help you get around what is in your path towards peace, if that’s the direction you’re going.