What About Us?

Questions of Consideration for the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates: What About Us?

A question for the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidates, but we extend the question in hopes of a response to the candidates, their staff, supporters and their party members. We ask that you refrain from comments that are off-topic or directed at ANY other political party or candidate. My intentions are not to argue, but raise a point and attention on an issue that is not addressed.

Perhaps it is out of inexperience, fear and or lack of knowledge. But if you can put aside what you’ve been taught to believe or told how to respond and just answer the question without demonizing anyone or taking political shots at anyone, perhaps you may be the one who can break the silence within the Republican Party regarding the language and behavior and full comprehension of their role in the racial animosity, anxiety and resentment the groups mentioned have towards the party more than any other.

It’s not about a tick for tack, I’ll answer your questions if you answer mine. We’ve played that game many times and the original questions never receive a response. This is why I am asking for people to avoid the insults and theater and just talk about what their candidate, their party is doing or has already done.


  • How are you campaigning, communicating and considering the Black, Hispanic, Arab, LGBT and other immigrant or minority communities?


  • Can you share some of the ways that illustrates how you have been working to earn these blocks of voters attention, consideration and votes?


  • What issues important and specific to these communities do you campaign on and/or have a history of supporting or advocating?

2 thoughts on “What About Us?

  1. Sorry, can’t. do we have no substance it’s better to bash the other guy and you know who the other guy is. We have noting positive to say we are the party of the naysayers. Next question.

    1. LOL. Well good dodge 🙂 No one is saying that you have no substance, just that the question never gets addressed. The problem is that the question is aways avoided in some way. At least you didn’t answer it in a nice way.

      At least you read it, so thanks.

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