Forgiveness: A Renewable Spirit Initiative

Forgiveness is a natural resource whose power is not being effectively utilized in our world today.

We can not continue running our lives on the cheap fuel of selfishness, discontent and hatred. It’s unsustainable. Forgiveness is eco-friendly and good for your emotional environment when properly used with consideration.

People can and do change. It may be a situation, circumstance, attitudes, stigma, condition or responsibility that changes us. You are the example of that truth. Let that change be one that moves you forward instead of backwards or no where.

Forgiveness is a gift that we should not begrudgingly give. It’s a natural resource that we have an abundance of, but rarely utilize. The energy we spend hating, disapproving, dismissing, discouraging and avoiding others could best be utilized into a renewable energy that may take us further in life. That is only if we choose to use it.

Be open to asking for forgiveness. Be willing to give it. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain from it. Everyone can offer you reasons they should be forgiven, but few are willing to forgive others.