I Never Knew Silence Could Be So Loud

Personally, I’ve given up trying to have meaningful conversations with any individual who can not demonstrate consideration, because it is unproductive. I’ve honestly tried and have observed the behavior, language and perceptions many exhibit towards others and issues or situations. How can you teach anyone who is not willing to first be a student?

This is the reason why I haven’t posted many political post, because I am expecting sincerity, consideration and some version of an intellectual conversation, regardless of the topic of the post. Some simply want to comment on politics only in a way that demonstrates an inconsideration or to be argumentative. I simply do not have the time or energy for those types of conversations. Their silence is louder than they realize.

Someone shared a link with me, which is the video featured of an issue that I’ve tried to get people to understand for awhile. I’ve decided to let people who want to be left behind, be left behind. I’m moving forward.

After listening to the brief story of Susan Grigsby’s brother (Steve); who died a painful death fighting for care as an uninsured American. Susan watched, horrified, as the GOP Presidential Candidates on CNN’s Tea Party Debate stood silent when the the audience cheered for the idea that we as a society should just let an uninsured man die. Now Susan wants an answer from each and every GOP candidate.

I honestly wish Susan luck, because I do not believe that she may get a real answer to her questions. But I’m sure she’ll receive plenty of rhetoric, denials, doubt, accusations, indirect responses, avoidance and inconsideration. Listen to what is said, but also listen closer to what they do not or will not say. That’s where you find their truth.

Some will choose their method of attack and avoidance to go after me or even the issue, but the question remains. I simply give up on expecting anything else, but Susan Grigsby is the one asking the question this time. I’m only providing a venue for her to share it.

7 thoughts on “I Never Knew Silence Could Be So Loud

  1. I’ve also given up trying to have a meaningful conversation with my right-leaning friends. I’m willing to listen to and think seriously about what they have to say. I’m polite and reasonable in what I say. However, that courtesy is not returned to me. What I get back are smart a$$ remarks about how Obama and Liberals are idiots, ignorant, that everyone needs to take care of themselves without help from others, etc., etc., etc. I don’t think they even read or listen to what I have to say. The selfish hate coming from them is palatable. Just can’t understand as these are people who claim to be Christians. I give up and rarely try to get a point across anymore. Sad, sad, sad.

  2. Will the questions be answered? Will Ms. Grigsby get the answers from the GOP she deserves? The silence, as has been noted, is deafening.

    However, these candidates will answer the questions, either in this life or the next. In that hour, when every knee will bow, and acknowledge Jesus as the King, these candidates who proved themselves too cowardly to stand up for the “least of these,” will answer to the Almighty for their greed, their indifference, and their hostility toward the weak, the poor and the sick and dying.

    Every person deserves dignity in their life, and in their death. Mr. Grigsby deserved much more than he was given. His sister is fighting for dignity for all of us. The idea is not a new one that government should manage a system of universal health care for each citizen. Our Conservatives, under the Bush administration, wrote the draft for the Iraqi constitution – and included national health care. That act sheds light upon the fact that the Conservatives are anything but ignorant of the wrong they do to Americans by obstructing Health Care Reform. Their silent lips speak volumes.

    It is understandable that you don’t want to keep having the same non-productive arguments over and over. That you feel like giving up on those conversations. Fighting a battle takes a toll on the spirit, especially when the opponent refuses to fight a fair fight. Take a break, if you need to. But bear in mind that your direct opponent in any conversation may not be the beneficiary of your wisdom. Other people are watching, reading. Maybe some are on the fence about a question of right and wrong in their decision about who to support, what values are important. You may not score points with your adversary, but those on the sidelines may be influenced by your courage, your honesty and your wisdom. So take heart. Have faith that you are making a difference. And know that God is pleased with you.

    It is my hope that one by one, the conservatives will abandon their radical and sinister positions against the country as a whole, and against the less fortunate in particular. That they will come to their senses and take up the work we elected them to do. As far-fetched as that sounds, it is possible, but only if we keep presenting the truth. If we are silenced by their grim oppression, they have won. They by their silence, acknowledge their guilt. We, by silence, acquiesce. Let’s not let that happen.

  3. Oh dear. My brother Philip died from a lifetime of undiagnosed celiac sprue which became cancerous and effected his vital organs. He was sick for a while and lost his job as a result. He had no Insurance and could not get insured. He lost his wife to cancer a short while after they were married. He was left with 2 young children (one adopted by him) and the other their first daughter together. The children were grown and he had been receiving a check for them when the other parent died. That money took care of the children up until then. He worked for a few years and realized he was too sick and could not continue working. He lost his insurance. He got sicker and could not get care or a diagnosis because he had no money and had no job and had no insurance. He could not get work because he was sick. A friend worked for a hospital in Cambridge, Ma. and she spoke to a doctor who agreed to see him. Then it was told to him that he had a problem with celiac sprue and it looked very bad. He was told what to take and to avoid as far as foods. For a short time he felt better. My Mom died shortly after this from a rare disease called Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome. She had been in the hospital for pneumonia and was feeling better and they sent her for rehab. to Spaulding Rehab. in Boston to improve her muscle tone and breathing problems. It was there she developed a rash, blisters and then the full onset of T.E.N.S. as she was rushed by ambulance to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and admitted to the Burn/Trauma Unit. Shortly thereafter, she succumbed to the secondary problem of sepsis. We were not informed of the T.E.N.S. in any detail and through a few years of my own investigation-I found out more of the details. Burned flesh disease is very very rare….that is what she had as a result of toxicity from medications being given to her in a hospital. What my problem is-one was hospitalized and one was not. They both died terribly from complications. This does not have to happen in this country and especially in this state of Mass. We have the most prestigious doctors and hospitals in the country. What is the problem with caring for sick patients properly regardless of income level, regardless of insurance level?? The answer is simple GREED, GREED AND MORE GREED. Playing with peoples lives is a SIN of the mortal kind and God will have something mighty strong to say that I do not have the words for nor the punishment. He will cast aspersions and all else on those who find themselves “The Mighty EVIL and GREEDY” in this world. GOP you better get on your knees and ask forgiveness and turn your gaze at the person in the mirror. You will be doing time for a longgggggggggggggggg time in the hereafter. That is for certain. Crime is punishable and Sin of this nature is a crime against humanity. That is what is lacking with those dead souls up on that stage. They lack humanity, the lack heart, they lack souls. The are the living dead. GOP ZOMBIES. One cannot expect anything from them because they are dead creatures.

  4. I too watched the debate and was just as appalled as Susan, because I can’t believe that the party that is supposed to stand for “Family Values” is so completely callous to human life and suffering. Although Ron Paul said we should not let the ‘hypothetical’ man die, his answer was that we should leave it to his family, friends, neighbors, and or church to take care of him. In other words, leave it to chance.

    The GOP candidates and the Republican Party are more interested in who marries whom, making sure women have no choice over their reproductive rights, defunding Planned Parenthood, maintaining DADT, repealing DOMA, and defending the profits of large corporations, then they are about the needs of the people. And this is supposed to be the “Compassionate Conservative” party.

    Like Susan, I had a brother that died at the age of 57 because he lacked health insurance. Charlie, like so many other Americans, had been out of work for almost two years, when he had a massive heart attack and died. Charlie was not overweight, but as everyone in our family, had a history of high blood pressure. The only place Charlie could go for free medication was his local Planned Parenthood clinic… I had no idea that they provided this type of service for a man, and all they asked for was any contribution he could make to defray the cost of the medication. Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite enough to prevent his heart attack, although he was extremely grateful for their help.

    I, for one, don’t understand a group of people that would remain silent when someone cheers for letting another human being die… I don’t understand how they can cheer the death penalty… and the deportation of millions of undocumented “children” brought to this country by their parents… I don’t understand how they can advocate for the birth of every child, but want to slash all the programs that support that child’s health and education. I don’t understand the mentality of that type of callousness.

    Like Susan, I would like an explanation from the GOP candidates on these issues and many others that fail to address human suffering, joblessness, homelessness, hunger, and the total disregard for human life… oh, except that of a fetus.

  5. Word, Tim. I’ve gave up, a long time ago, thinking ‘enlightening’ anyone was possible. Never ceases to be frustrating, though.

  6. So, where was Susan when her brother was diagnosed? Was her car more important than her brother’s llife? How could she just stand by and watch her brother die just because he didn’t have insurance? Now she wants to pass her guilt onto “Society”? All I can say is “Wow”. How about taking care of family first?

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