What You Can Do Today

When we choose not to consider, choose not to believe, choose not to acknowledge, think or assume that we might be wrong, were wrong or are wrong; we open up the possibility that we are. So I submit these question not to debate anyone, but to get you to think about what you can do today.


When you recall the things you’ve said to or about others and have thought and done to others I want you to consider this question. What if you realized how wrong you were the moment after it was too late?


Too late in the terms that you find yourself at a point where you can’t take it back or ask for forgiveness, because you or they are close to death or in a state that communication isn’t possible. Time is no longer an option and the deed is done.

Now you really are sorry, but they don’t know it. You just want to make it right or better, but you now have no way of sharing that with them. All you are left with is a question of consideration and reality that asks; What could I have done differently?


This occurs more often than we may realize. But if you’re reading this, understand that you have an unique opportunity that asks a question of its on for you to consider. What you can do today?