What Would People Say If?

What Would People Say If? | Written By: Tim Valentine


What would people say about you if you demonstrated love without condition?

What would people say about you if you forgave them and those who did you wrong in some way, but you were sincere in your forgiveness because you did not hold it against them in anyway because you forgot about it

What would people say about you if you gave no excuses, but asked for their ideas and input?

What would it say about you and who you’ve become?

What if you did what you pledge rather than pledging to do something?

What would be accomplished?

I ask these questions, because sometimes we are more interesting in what people may say than what we do. So what would people say if we just did what we were suppose to do?

People who aren’t doing anything positive, like to talk about people doing positive things. Worry about what you do than what they say.

Let ‘em talk, but can you imagine what would people say if…

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