An Encouraging Word

An Encouraging Word | By: Tim Valentine

What would you say or think about someone who encouraged their enemies, critics and opposition with a kind word?

Now while you’re thinking about that question, I would like for you to consider the response you were just thinking, since that is the one that is most sincere. Think about what it says about you.

Imagine all that has been accomplished and destroyed by just an encouraging word.That person who you see as an enemy, harsh critic or always offers you their fiercest opposition and rarely has anything good to say to you, imagine their response if you sincerely offered them an encouraging word.

If you’re going to offer someone an encouraging word, make it kind, considerate and most importantly sincere. There is nothing more damaging than an insincere, inconsiderate, careless word or expression. You may never realize what you might be building or helping to destroy by your words of encouragement.

Words of encouragement may help destroy a stronghold that has a grip on someone’s life. An encouraging word may help destroy depression, feelings of inadequacy, insecurity or sorrow that has been a burden to someone.

Someone may cross your mind during the day and you don’t know why, take that opportunity to send them an encouraging word. I’m telling you, you may never realize what an encouraging word may become to someone. If even for a brief moment offer someone a moment of happiness, joy and peace. It might be all they get for the day, week or month.

An encouraging word is like a brick in the wall of a person’s character. Seal it with sincerity, fortify it with consideration and test its strength with love.

What would you say or think about someone who encouraged their enemies, critics and opposition with a kind word is not a trick question, but a nudge and point of awareness that should speak to the morality of the conscious and ask what are you doing? Let it be an encouraging word.

Finally, if I can just say this about myself. People have routinely doubted me, not supported my dreams, ambitions and aspirations for far too long. I didn’t like the feeling of bitterness and cynicism that I felt developing towards them. I disliked the constant battle with inadequacy and self-esteem.

How do you overcome these impeding mountains of hopelessness and despair?

Listen to that whisper in your ear that tells you that you’re not what they say you are. You can do this. Don’t listen to them.

When you have no one encouraging you, encourage yourself. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Don’t give up.