The I-Word


Is it more difficult for men to forgive women for cheating than it is for women to forgive men for cheating?



Additional Questions:

  • If you or your loved one mistake, should that be the end of the relationship?
  • Is there consideration for all the things he or she have got or done right?
  • Is there consideration for what lead them to the mistake?
  • If you were held to the same standards that you require others to be accountable to, what would you do?
  • How do you manage the remorse, betrayal of trust, anger, frustration, sorrow, contradictions, regret and guilt?
  • If you have no guilt, no regret or feelings of remorse, then what has the relationship become?
  • Is a relationship worth saving if or when your heart has harden in some way towards it?
  • How do you forgive and accept with sincerity?



I want to ensure that it is understood that I am asking these questions to those who are in same-sex relationships as well. The affects of the this issue are the same whether you are in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship. So I am personally inviting you to join this conversation as well. My objective is not to exclude, but to include.



Quick Note:

I’m positive that this one will be very difficult for many people to respond to without having some sort of emotional connection. My purpose is absolutely not to upset anyone. It is not to suggest my idea is better than your idea. It is only to explore further a question that I heard asked on the radio that I found to be an interesting question. The additional questions are the ones that I came up with after thinking about what was being asked.


I STRONGLY urge everyone to be careful. Please do not expose anything about yourself that you may not want to be revealed. Respond as objectively as you can. Do not attack others or judge those who are open enough to share such a time with others for the purpose of teaching and warning. I’m sure many of us have been in the wrong and done some things wrong. No one is totally innocent or absolutely guilty.


Finally, I’m not talking about myself. I only say it, because I know someone who may not comment, but email me or may see me is bound to ask or assume.