Looking Your Best

Photographer: Reina Lopez

Listen, you never know who’s looking at you, so do all that you can to look your best. This doesn’t mean you are the sharpest dressed or the prettiest, it means that you have the or one of the sharpest minds of anyone they know. It means you have the or one of the beautifulest spirits of anyone they know.


You may not have the money, opportunities or consideration and access as those who may or have looked down upon you have, but you have within you what you need to be greater than their imagination and opinions of you. Consider who you are and make sure you are looking your best.


Let me stop, but I do have something to say that as each day, week and month progress it is like a fire that is becoming hard to contain and finding that  I’ve got to say it even if you think I’m crazy or foolish for saying it. More and more I simply do not care if someone disagrees, it needs to be said in hopes it comes into agreement with someone with a mind and heart open enough to receive it. So say whatcha want, either way it goes you’re still looking at me in order to even know what I’ve said.


Sigh… But my name is Tim, not Jeremiah (some of you get that reference, but if not, don’t worry about). I just felt this in my heart to say to those who are facing their oppositions of today with any measure of uncertainty to Look Up, because you never know whose looking at you. Don’t be surprised by the opposition you may be receiving, they’re just letting you know they’re looking at you. So look your best.


And that’s all I need to say today.


There’s nothing wrong with you.