Making a Productive Life

Illustration By: how-bout-a-hug



In order to have a more productive life we must begin by stop finding and start making.


What I mean by that is that we often put what we can do today off on tomorrow without consideration. Consider how much time we spend searching, finding and getting ready to, than we do utilizing that time making, creating and doing.


We’ve all made similar excuses for why we can not, did not, do not or will not complete something. If I can just find the time to… or there’s just isn’t room in my life for that now. My favorite is, I’m only one person, and I can’t do everything. That’s true, but what can you do?


Your life and time are irreplaceable, so live it wisely.


Begin by considering what you do not know.


Do what makes for peace.


Do what makes it right.


Justify your words with actions.


Stop condemning the lives of others and live a life that goes about uplifting others who are frequently put down.


What is the harm in telling someone you love them when your motives or intentions are sincere?


Learn to see the beauty in others more than showing them how ugly you can be.


I realize not everyone has a mind or heart open enough to make for peace or unity. Many people are unsympathetic and have become conditioned in a way that hate, fear and animosity is comfortable or acceptable. Asking or even expecting them to demonstrate love towards one another with compassion and humbleness is nonsense, foolish and incomprehensionable. How do you do what makes for peace with unpeaceful people?


When you encounter such an individual(s) who only knows how to respond with insult, inconsideration and disapproval, let your response teach them a lesson; a lesson of love, a lesson of consideration, a lesson of kindness. Consider what you both do not understand.


Don’t worry about how you can get them back or prove them wrong, because that’s not important. What’s important is the opportunity you have to give.


What can be learned that makes for something good, instead of leaving us searching and finding the words we should have said afterwards?


Stop finding and start making.


Give an answer to hate by responding with love. The ultimate reaction to hate is the action of love. This is making for peace.


Address fear, anxiety and trepidation with words of confidence, consideration and courage. Stop finding the words to say or what to do and uplift those who are down. This is making for peace.


Although some may ask you for the reason(s) you have hope, joy or peace, your answer may be foreign to them, but gentleness is always understood.


We all have complained about the world today. Many have asked what was wrong with people. Some are trying to find solutions, alternatives and means for escape or avoidance. I’m asking you to stop finding and start making. Begin each day by doing what makes for peace.