All I Want

Years ago I wanted a lot. All I wanted was a big house, a high paying job, the nicest clothes, the coolest car, power, influence and fame. Possessing these things are nice, but in the scheme of life they’re worthless.

I’ve had many things planned this year, but had to put them aside because life called. I joke with myself by saying, “at least i was able to celebrate New Years Day”. Life in 2012 began on January 3rd for me. Thats when the first thing hit.

Life doesn’t care about your plans, your budget, your obligations or abilities. Life demands you to be present right now, regardless of your circumstance.

Life doesn’t care about what you want. You get what it has to give you; reality.

Life was hectic the past few years, but has went from 60 to 120 this year. I think about all I wanted years ago and see how life’s opportunities offered me a new reality.

In this new reality all I want is to be what I know I can be. All I want is to be a good father. All I want to be is a good husband. All I want to be is a good son. All I want to be is a good brother. All I really want to be is a good in-law. All I want is to be apart of the solution or even the messenger of a positive word.

All I want is to let those who feel unloved, unappreciated, alone, lost, unsupported, empty, betrayed, hurt, abandon, neglected, frustrated and tired that they’re not alone and they have at least one friend in this world who recognizes them for who they are. I do believe that what you do to others will come back to you in some manner in time.

I understand what it feels like to be misunderstood, marginalized, not considered and set apart. You put a smile on your face another day only to contend with a world set on making you feel inadequate. Then you end it half broken, bruised and abused only to put the smile on again tomorrow.

I understand, you become tired and feel that you’re in this race alone.

All I want is to end the nonsense, hate and bigotry in this world and give those with a heart and mind open enough to receive it what makes for peace.

All I want is to show the world what often alludes us; love. Love with sincerity and without unreasonable obligations.

Yes it would be nice to posses the big house, nice car and money, but without love, consideration and concern for others, all you have is of little value.

This is truly all I want.


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