Life’s Battles

When you’re ready to fight or even give up, remember that the battle is not yours. It may be easy for me to tell you be encouraged, don’t give up or even keep moving forward because I don’t know your battle. But whose to say that I’m not in midst of my own battle. 


Sometimes you fight life’s battles not with your fists or feet, but with your faith. Faith in whatever you believe in, faith in your life’s guide. 


Sometimes we feel discourage and feel that the purpose we’ve served has been all in vain. You can barely speak freely without hearing another’s bias towards what you’ve said. I can say that if it wasn’t for faith, I would not be free or alive today. If it wasn’t for faith, who knows what the outcome or response I would have given to life’s battles. 


You never know what keeps someone from losing it. You never know how close to the edge they may be and the heaviness your words are may be what tips them over into the unfortunate and unexpected.


There’s a reason why I actually try to walk by faith and not by sight. It doesn’t matter what everyone may think or believe, but what you think or believe.


On a personal note, this has been a year that I wish I could either rewind or fast forward. Some days seems like someone pressed pause, while the melody of other days sounds distorted. Often I have to sing a song just to get through it.


When you’re ready to fight or even give up, remember that the battle is not yours. As difficult it may be for you to believe or practice, keep the faith and encourage yourself when you’re standing on life’s edge. You may feel like you’re by yourself, because faith is what’s holding you up, encouraging you to keep on. I gotcha ya.


Don’t give up. We, You, I can and will make it.