When There’s Nothing Left To Say

Everyone is not going to understand or even respect your story. You can not allow that to affect your story. Someone will always have something to say in doubt about you, what you believe, your motives and what you’re trying to do or the way you live. Remember that it’s not about what they say or do, but what you say and do.


We all encounter those who doubt or misunderstand your intentions. They may call you names or just mock your purpose. You may hear them out, but how do you/they respond in those times when there’s nothing left to say?


When the burden is such that you just sigh and keep moving.


Our society has become so uptight that you’re afraid to just hold the hand or hug someone whose going through the same or equally difficult time as you because you don’t want the gesture to be misinterpreted. My way around this has been to find another way to achieve the same goal of a hug, touch or holding of a hand; so I write. I try to write in a way that whosoever reads it may feel the same warmth in it as a hug or holding of a hand offers.


We all experience and endure our fair share of difficulties, some last longer or are harder than others. You may have family and friends who try to help you, but it isn’t as transformative as that private conversation, impromptu hug at the right time, the touch of a warm hand embrace or a simple walk in the park or even a jog around the block. Sometimes this is the only way you can say thank you, I’m here for you or even show your love when there’s nothing left to say.


Whatever you may have lost, losing, suffering from or going through, you can endure it. Faith isn’t a religious preference, but a lifestyle. Trouble doesn’t last always, so keep moving forward beyond these impeding mountains of despair, heartbreak, stress, illness, injury and trouble.


I don’t always know exactly what to say, but know that you’re loved.