A Greater Harvest

The fruits and flowers of your life will bloom in its season. Continue to water and feed it with your faith; belief that it will come to pass. Some rejections are not indications that you’ve done a bad thing or not qualified, it is sometimes that you’re trying to sow a good seed into a bad environment. Anytime you plant a good seed into bad soil, you’ll won’t reap a good harvest.


Count your blessings and consider the rejection as an indication of something better is on its way. Stop grieving over what has been taken away from you; whether a job, a home, a relationship or opportunity. Understand that there’s a reason for this even in your life at this time. Seek the benefits and power of the opportunity and move forward. 


Some things, some people, some situations, some issues, some places that you are in, come from or seek, doesn’t have the capacity to contain all for which you’ve planted. Therefore it or they can not be the field for your harvest. Stop fearing rejection. Don’t be ashamed that you’ve failed. Keep moving forward. A greater harvest is coming.


Keep planting the seed of hope, love and support into others, nourish it with your sincerity and friendship. In the appropriate time, your harvest will come. Don’t give up.