Moment of Peace

Whom among us have experience the time in life when you’ve experience enough of a beat down by life, enough of difficult circumstances, enough of the consequences of inconsideration and marginalization, enough disappointment and been frustrated for long enough that all you seek each day is the moment of peace?


You never know when that moment may occur or where it will be revealed, but you look for it because it’s what gives you the strength to make it the rest of the day and onto the next. Where have you found peace?


When we become too comfortable in the time/space (reality) where we live and it’s not the place we’re not suppose to be, whether it was by choice or force, all you look for is that moment of peace, the way out. We cling to the words of encouragement, becuase it acts as an emotional ladder to a higher spiritual ground.


Often we’ve lived life defining ourselves by our situations, our achievements, who we know, where we live, what we belong to or even our associations rather than defining life by our purpose. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking for my moment of peace.


When you live in that moment, your moment of peace, you might look up in the sky and realize how interconnected we all truly are. You live in the moment where your biases fade away and all you see is me for who I am and not what I am. You live in the moment where the colors of race blends into one and you catch a glimpse of what life has and can become. You live in the moment realizing there’s not just something beautiful about you, but you see the beauty in me, whomever that may be. Seek the moment of peace.


There will be those whose mission is only to steal, kill, and destroy your peace distort your purpose, but when you seek peace you will find life, and find that we can live it more abundantly. We can find it more abundantly when we take the time to seek our moment of peace. Peace is where we find our purpose, where we find love, where we will find hope and the strength to change our today.


Writing and having the opportnity to speak sincerely is when I find my moment of peace that I freely give to you.


Enjoy 🙂