Dating Isn’t For Mating


Dating isn’t for mating, but for data. You date to gather enough data so that you may be informed of a decision regarding mating. Too often we, both men and women, mate with insufficient data. Then we find ourselves angry, frustrated, upset and hurt because we didn’t receive the results we were experiencing.


You wanted Mr. Right, but found Mr. Right Now. He said all the things you wanted to hear, but he never spoke to your spirit, the essenence of who you are. He got you to believe that intimacy was physical instead of both of you connecting mentally, emotionally, spiritually. So now you find that you just got…


Every man who fits the description of Mr. Right in your mind may not be that man all the time. Isn’t every relationship perfect and ideal in the beginning?


Be patient enough to collect the data in a friendly, non-confrontational and considerate manner before mating. Watch your tone and approach, because Mr. Right might be in front of you, but how you respond and react to him pushes him away. Remember, Mr. Right isn’t Mr. Perfect, so stop expecting perfection unless you are perfect yourself.


You love Mr. Right through intimacy. Intimacy isn’t received just through sex or physical touch, but with words and action.


Men — Pay attention to who they are. Be present when they need you, whether present physically, virtually, telephonically or in however you correspond. Intimacy is what makes love, not sex.


Not every man, nor every woman understands how to love or to be loved if their isn’t enough data. Some women and men are afraid to be loved because someone else didn’t know how to love them or they didn’t have enough data on them or their perspective and experiences regarding love. So take your time. Give her time. Give him time. Learn to be a friend before deciding on being a mate. Gather the data. But remember that dating isn’t for mating, but for data. Enjoy yourself and be yourself. That’s how love finds its way.