Your Success Is On The Way

Have sustainable success by having a mentality that is sustainable for success. You remember the names of winners and soon forget those they defeated. Success is obtainable, but is not always sustainable. People who sustain success seem to gravitate towards those who possess or indicate a similar mentality sustainable for success. You’ve learned how best to utilize your time by not arguing with people. You try to help, contribute, educate or lend support to them, but only if they show that they’re receptive.


The reasons being is that you’ve found your joy, your peace, what works for you and you’re not trying to have anyone get you off course. You choose to walk by faith, but they decide to walk by sight. Seeing is believing might be true, but it all depends on your vision and what steps you’ve taken in that purpose. So if you have a dream, live it. Stop talking and listening to people who rather stay asleep; your success depends on it.


Sustainable success requires a renewed mentality, a focused vision and self-control. This means you let no one, not your parents, siblings, spouse, children, other family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, classmates, your circumstances, upbringing, your finances, education, social perceptions, race, gender, spiritual beliefs, age, disability, what your are, where you live or even your past failures and mistakes get in your way of your success.


See… Sigh… I’m really not trying to preach, but this is something I’ve become passionate about. I know how it feels not to be believed, considered, accepted or trusted for little to no reason at all and still the outcomes proves you were right. I would love to share my story with you, but I’ve been burned too many times to freely share it anymore and with anyone.


Everyone, not matter how close they are to you or how much alike they are to your experiences or even how nice they are will understand what has made you who you are. I want you to understand that there’s a plan for success in your life, but it’s up to you to receive it, apply it and maintain it. Trust me I know the fear, it was an unwanted guest in my life for far too long. It was when I realize that fear was what was robbing me blind of my joy that I kicked it out. I just want my neighbors to know that it’s in the neighborhood and to not be deceived.


Success is in your future. Don’t let it be disrupted by anything or anyone reminding you of your past or suggesting that your present circumstances will never pass. You will succeed and I will cheer you along the way. We can laugh about the stumbles, trips and falls along our way. The point is not to quit. Success is waiting.


Success has pathology and Failure has pathology. Your steps have been ordered for success, but it’s up to you to get up and go towards it. Stop listening to those who don’t care about you. Find your path and start walking. Don’t Give Up. Keep Moving Forward. We’re going to make it. Let’s go.


One thought on “Your Success Is On The Way

  1. It is alright stumble and fall, it is all a part of life, it is all about you in your life (in a healthy way). if you only look up you will not see and stumble and fall if you only look down you will miss what is in front of you if you only look straight a we will not see what is going on around us looking in all direction will allow you to see. Life is like a closed hand if it is closed nothing gets in and nothing gets out so as a closed mind, keep both open look in more than one direction and keep looking ahead don’t be afraid to go for the dream. If you fail, it should be as a teaching tool get up dust yourself off and get back to keeping that dream alive. It’s All About You!

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