Your Incredible Potential

There’s an incredible potential in you, but you’ll never see it as long as you listen to your opposition.

If you do not believe me I know a certain U.S. President who has overcome insurmountable odds, opposition and indignations to pursue his purpose, then serve his purpose. When you put your ideology aside, you will see a persons potential. Unfortunately, someone will always refuse to consider such a thought.

Despite of all that is thrown at you, the people who should have supported you, but came against or avoided you, the times you were like me and was ready to just give up, I say this to you as well. Don’t give up. There’s an incredible potential in your, but it hinges on whether you have enough courage, enough faith to keep moving forward when you see nothing in front of you.

Faith is acting on that incredible potential within you that gives you the courage to step out of that boat onto the water in midst of life’s storms and walk towards your purpose. Those who remain in the boat will look at you funny, they may talk about you or stop talking to you, then get mad at you for walking by faith and not by sight, but when you hear that voice that speaks to you telling you to step out of the boat… start walking.

There’s an incredible potential in your life and mine too. You may be in a storm in your life right now, but when you stop panicking and realize the test of the storm, perhaps you will know how to speak to the storm. When you are still, you will find peace. Once you have accepted that peace, stay focus, step out of your ‘boat’ and purpose your purpose.