I May Not Get There With You


When Dr. Martin Luther King said, “…I may not get there with you…” on April 3, 1968 he shared a phrase with such depth that means more than what you may read, hear or see on the surface.

I may not get there with you does not mean you will not achieve the success, healing, redemption, restoration, consideration or acceptance. It simply confirms your acknowledgement of the promise, the destiny that has been placed upon your life that you may receive these things before me, but I’m committed to hold on, hold out, never giving up, keep moving forward, pursue my purpose because it’s my destiny that’s calling.

I may not get there with you, but I will be there soon enough. I may not get there with you, but I applaud, support and genuinely celebrate you getting there, reaching that goal, never looking back, realize and believing what today may just seem like a dream. I may not get there with you, but no matter how many times it takes, the number of NO’s I receive, I am confident that my YES is on its way.

Although you may not be considered, ignored or politely told that you’re not a good fit, I encourage you to pursue your purpose. Let us not compare ourselves to those who may be or have what you are seeking, keep moving forward.

I may not get there with you…

Dr. King continues in this statement by saying, “…we as a people shall get to the promise land.” Although he was referring to equality, I’m requesting you and I apply this concept to our daily challenges. When you get there, take a moment to seek whom you can help make it as well. They may not have everything it takes all packaged up like you, but there’s a passion and desire in them that suggests they can do it. Be a source of encouragement and inspiration to others. Even in midst of your own challenges, as you pursue your purpose, extend your consideration or an opportunity to someone else seeking the same destiny as you.

I may not get there with you, but… I’ll let you finish the sentence by the expression of your own success.