Let Go

Life is full of opportunities to show someone we love them. Often we experience hurts and disappointments by friends and family where they do not know how to make it right or has too much pride to apologize.

One thing I’ve learned is that not everyone who started out with you will be with you to the end. It’s rare and few who has what it takes to be with you until the end of the journey, situation, or their own end. You must be able to forgive people without judgement. This doesn’t mean you allow them to repeat the offense or you open yourself up to it. It means you let go and let it be. Remember, not everyone who starts out with you will be with you to the end and that’s alright.

Sometimes there’s nothing for you to say, because actions speaks louder than words. Sometimes there’s no need to prove that you were right and they were wrong or vice versa, because your actions speak louder than words. And their are those who will just have their own opinion regardless of facts and perceptions is all that matter. Let none of it keep you from your purpose.



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