Stay Focused

Stop making yourself vulnerable to the decisions, ideas, and opinions of people whose focus isn’t for or about you, nonetheless a consideration of you beyond what you can do for them. Once you have met their goals and criteria, they find a way to get rid of you. Understand that their approval of you isn’t the definition of who you are and becoming. Therefore, I urge you to stay focused on the steps that have been ordered for you in your life.
There will be people you may, will or have encounter who will place the burden of their standards onto you and will only acknowledge your value to them and as a whole based upon their opinion and standards. You may be good at what you do, but their opinions, accolades, and approvals are unworthy of your own standards. Stop allowing others to select your destiny. Their definition of you doesn’t define you. It only reviews their opinion.
Now is the time to take ownership.
We do not have any more time for complaining about the problem when we can be building a business, an organization, a product, a campaign, a ministry, a service that provides a viable solution or vehicle towards the solution. Boycott, protest, oppose whomever, but be strategic and stay focused, and put yourself in control of your destiny, opinions, and esteem. Then do not become ashamed or allow anyone to shame you for the decision to surround yourself with individuals, systems, and places that empower you.

One thought on “Stay Focused

  1. Well stated, and it supports what I’ve said for a long time is the most important decision a person makes in their lifetime: the choice of people to hang around – to be in their circle. It all fits … who does one choose to hang around at work? in the neighborhood? In social circles? … and so on and so on … all because these people can tear on down, built up, be abusive (in a variety of ways including not physical), supportive, and more.

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