Dream Big, Live Bold

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Never allow the opinions, achievements, failures or sentiments of others, including family and friends, ever keep you from pursuing your dreams and ambitions. Your success may not be in the place you grew up or where everyone knows your name. It may not reside in the place you are today. That blessing with your name on it may be waiting for you in another city, in another state or country. Just because someone you’re connected to decides to settle doesn’t mean you have to settle too.
If you don’t reach for the stars, you’ll always be looking at them. Be one of them, in what you do, in how you live. #DreamBig and #LiveBold. You’ve always had what it takes, now is the time to take it.

One thought on “Dream Big, Live Bold

  1. Absolutely great advice. The world is very large in so many ways, and if one opens themselves up to the world and their dreams, that’s a great start! … but they must also have a plan and know how to make decisions in accordance to that plan.

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