Lighter Load

When everyone who you thought would be with you have abandon you or made themselves scares and difficult to contact, remember that they’re making your load lighter and easier to bare by reducing the dead weight of their relationship with you. Although it may be disappointing, comes as a shock or leaves you feeling betrayed, … Continue reading Lighter Load

You Are Enough

With shame, you will never have or be enough. You can’t allow shame to guide you, because it will always lead you off-course. Never consider those who tries to shame you. Their disapproval doesn’t make you who you are. No matter what it may be that someone said or thought about you, no matter what … Continue reading You Are Enough

Dream Again

What should you do when your dreams are deferred and/or does not come true? Dream Again.   Stop giving up so easily because it didn’t work the first, second or fifty-seventh time. Get up, because there’s nothing to be ashamed of for putting forth an effort. Your failures teaches you what didn’t work, failed people … Continue reading Dream Again

Live Today

Any day you live discouraged, hateful and regretful is a day wasted. Make today better than any other by taking a step towards a better tomorrow. You survived yesterday. Now live your best day today. Continue reading Live Today