Quick Thought

What I have found interesting about those who comment on this blog are not those who may agree or disagree, but those who disagree with everything that’s written. It’s one thing to disagree with a point or example offered or not fully have an understanding or experience with a particular subject or topic. But you only have to listen to the silence of those who routinely disagree with everything to learn their true intentions for commenting.

I often write in-depth about the subject of race and how it relates in religion, politics and relationships. Typically you almost need to be a sociologist, psychologist, historian, civil rights activists, minister or political strategist or an open-minded enthusiast of these things to fully get all of what I’m writing about. Often that is not the case.

So when I write about these things I often get at least one person to disagree. This is fine with me. It is when someone disagree without consideration that I find ridiculous. Also, the pattern of how they disagree and what they disagree upon. When a person has developed a pattern I tend to know what they’re going to agree or disagree upon. I also learn what they do not respond to speaks more about who they are than they often care to reveal.

This was the case for “Tell Me What You Think“. Now all you have to do is watch what and how they respond to another issue. They will avoid the subject by their silence.


One thought on “Quick Thought

  1. God stopped time for me as well when I worked in Ethiopia. Infact he told me he could control it to show me he was real, but mis-understood…more if you email me.

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