7 thoughts on “Remarks”

  1. Wow, I’ve read 4 pages and 1 post and I already know you’ve got the soul of a poet, the sincerity of a saint, and the heart of a diplomat. You’re exactly the kind of person that should be writing your thoughts for the whole wide world. I’m glad you choose to!

  2. Hey, Tim. I got this issue of Parents in the mail this past week, with an interesting article in it. In the hard-copy, it was one story; on the site, it was separated into two. I am urging you to read this at your earliest convenience. If you can, read it twice. I did, and realized that some things aren’t what they seem. Let me know if you decide to blog on this.

  3. I noticed that you or someone who had visited your site paid our site a visit, and consequently I backtracked to determine the nature of your blog. Nice work; very nice work. It appears that I visited back in 2009 at the time of the Harvard Professor – Cambridge Policeman incident, and left a comment. I consider it unfortunate that I missed all of your posts in the interim. You do good work.

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