Torture: What Would Jesus Do?

a2a_linkname=”Torture: What Would Jesus Do?”;a2a_linkurl=””; I simply can not believe the blindness of this statement on the philosophical implications of torture in terms of what Jesus would do. Gary Bauer, a former Republican presidential candidate affiliated with several Christian right groups over the years, said the discussion should not come down to… “Would Jesus torture? … Continue reading Torture: What Would Jesus Do?

A Republican Joke

a2a_linkname=”A Republican Joke”;a2a_linkurl=””; After Sen. Specter’s defection to the Democratic Party as a result in part from the perception that the GOP has moved too far right, the GOP responds by placing a moderate as the ranking Republican with a very conservative Southern Republican who represents everything that has driven Specter and other moderate Republicans … Continue reading A Republican Joke

Cheney: Using Lies as Alibis

a2a_linkname=”TI&S | Cheney: Using Lies as Alibis”;a2a_linkurl=””; Just the beginning of the GOP Cat being let out of the bag, by Dick Cheney. Keep Talking Dick, help the prosecution build its case for sending you and others to jail. So Mr. Cheney, you want give us your poker move and try to make people believe … Continue reading Cheney: Using Lies as Alibis

Quick Thought

Republicans — I just wonder how many Republicans really want Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh to keep talking and making their case? Democrats — For those who may wonder if or when I will address the Torture Memos. Don’t fear, it’s coming. To quote President Obama, “I want to know what … Continue reading Quick Thought