The Party of No

It has become crystal clear that the majority of Republicans in Congress was not sincere when they proclaimed to support bipartisanship and wanting the Administration to succeed. Many are doing everything they can to ensure it doesn’t happen or that the Democrats must do it alone.

Why should we even seek bipartisanship when the majority of the Republicans in Congress want the economy, the administration, The President and virtually everything else to fail? You can tell by their actions. This is not the Bush Administration. If you do not want America to succeed because of your ideology and unwillingness to listen to your own Republican Governors who want the stimulus, the administration and The President to succeed if for their own state’s interest, why can’t you?

Even if you don’t listen to them, you should take a queue from another famous Republican that once gave his definition of your role in the government. “The legitimate object of government is to do for the people what needs to be done by which they can not by individual effort do it all or do so well by themselves.” You may recall this Republican because we just celebrated his 200th Birthday, President Abraham Lincoln.

It is true that government doesn’t always have the answer. Some of us understand our individual rights and responsibilities, but in the midst of an economic crisis, two wars and unemployment raising what We The People or at least 57% of us voted for is not only a change in the political affiliation of the President, because Democrats can mess up too. But a change in HOW Washington affiliates itself with partisan politics. Many have forgotten why they’re even there. It was our hopes that you would get that.

Instead of complaining about the symptoms start taking care of the illness.

Some may remain bitter, upset or disappointed because their guy didn’t win, but regardless which boot you put your foot in we’re both going in the same direction. We can’t pull ourselves up if you keep pulling the bootstraps down.

Again I say quit all of this foolishness and do what you’re suppose to be doing for ALL of your constituents not just the ones who voted for you.

Your fuel of interest should be the desire of We the People. Your sincere participation and cooperation in the collective American Dream of true opportunity and equal justice for all.

When we consistently hear Republicans in the House and Senate and those previously in leadership positions (Karl Rove & Dick Cheney) work towards disunity of this union for the sake of their own political expediency it pushes the argument for bipartisanship closer and closer out the door. At least we can site 3 Republicans who was serious by demonstrating bipartisanship while the rest of their party only speak about bipartisanship.

Listen, I’ll say this with the strongest partisan language I can come up with since that’s the only way you’ll listen to me. The last thing I want to see is Republicans gain any seats or power, so continue on with the obstructionist practices and the Democrats will continue to capitalize on it. Don’t be naïve and think that there isn’t young liberal bloggers, journalist and creative media professionals like myself that won’t remind the general public of who did what. 2010 is right around the corner and 2012 is standing right behind that. If you continue obstructing everything the only conservatives on Capital Hill will be the three who voted for the stimulus package.

I hate sounding like that, but is that divisive enough for you? Can you hear me now?

Who knows, there may be a new Congressman from my state sharing his Thoughts, Ideas & Suggestions.

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7 thoughts on “The Party of No

  1. The independent moderate view not only blasts the GOP for whining and obstructionist take on the stimulus package, we also blast the Dems for ramroding their preferences – including wasteful spending.

    Washington continues with business as usual, thus the root of the problem … and in typical fashion, the public is expecting more from the White House than it can deliver, while underestimating the importance of Congress.

    One important issue down, and more to go … so it will be interesting to see what both parties do … personally, I expect business as usual — party-first mentality.

  2. I applaude the Republican’s for not voting for a bill they don’t believe in. It is harder to stand up for what you believe is right when it is unpopular. You may or may not agree with conservatives but attempt to admire anyone who stands up for their beliefs. There is a lot in this package Republicans don’t think should be funded by government. It has nothing to do with Obama or lack of support to the man as president. It only pertains to living in a free society with the right to disagree. Bipartisanship means compromise, not giving up all your ideals and values. If one side isn’t sincere, the other doesn’t have to wave the white flag and agree because you said so. Check the numbers again. Those people voted what their districts, as a whole, wanted. Besides, it really didn’t hurt the agenda. The package will be signed soon by the president. Then the fun begins!

  3. Stephanie …. I can respect those who take a stand on principles … but, they need to be consistent. Of course consistency from politicians is asking a bit much.

    On question for you … I don’t understand … Please explain, “Then the fun begins!”

  4. This is exactly what I’m talking about regarding the GOP stands of the stimulus package when you read what the leaders are saying in the Washington Post. Did you fix it so that it will fail?

    On a related note. I’ll await the response to the first and third comments challenge to the second comment. I’m turning this one over to the experts and I’ll just monitor.

  5. I’m going to have to agree with your point about politicians. The Republican’s have made a stand now, let’s see if they hold it when the wind blows. As to the fun, I believe the finger wagging has only begun. If it works, the republican’s will give credit to something unrelated while the democrats shout I told you so. If it fails, the shouting comes from the republican’s and the democrats blame the conservatives for setting it up to fail. Honestly, if you thought the division was big before the plan passed, hold on to your hat. I, myself, think that crack is going to become a crater. Then again, not being quite left enough to be called liberal or right enough to be conservative, what might be political sparing fun to me might not be to someone on either corner of that ring.

    1. Yes, We know ‘the GOP is always right and the Dems are always wrong’ stance. Like I’ve previously mentioned I give up on that conversation. I’ve already allowed you more attention than I usually permit on a single post, but I would like to hear your response to the post after this one? “Ideological Moratorium”

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