Ideological Moratorium

What would happen if there was an ideological moratorium? A period of time where you step back from your own ideology, beliefs, affiliations, in fact your own thoughts, ideas and suggestions about a particular subject and sincerely allow the ideas of your opposition to flow into your realm of consideration. What do you think would happen?

Once we begin to stop trying to convert people to your views and take a moment to recognize everyone’s humanity and honestly appreciate their ideals, then we can move towards where we want to be as an individual, a community, a nation and world civilization. Then we can begin to end the age old conversations, debates and contentions that have remained between us.

When we stop trying to slice and dice the facts in a way that we appear on the side of truth and justice and how the people you proclaim are so wrong, so unjust is when you can begin to see their humanity for the secular or the image of God for the non-secular.

I continue to find the truth in this one statement by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that I repeat again. I’ve heard it before, but once it really registered it was like a thirst was quenched. “We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality; I can not be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.” Once we concern ourselves with what’s humane instead of justifiable, change will begin.

We all are guilt of the ‘Drum Major Instinct’. It’s a need to be right, recognized, noted, admired or aligns ourselves with what’s popular or socially expedient. I too am fearful of failure and rejection, although I’m comfortable and well acquainted with it now I still find myself wanting to take the easy route.

The personal policy I want to leave with you is one that I seem to continue to work to perfect. When you’re willing to give someone a chance, more often they’re willing to give you a chance. Disagree with my positions, beliefs or ideology, but when you unclench your ‘fist’ that’s when we can walk towards change and a better day together and not divided.

So what would happen if there was an ideological moratorium?

Thank for reading my thoughts, ideas & suggestions.


References & Inspirations
Rabbi Brad Hirschfield
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
Bishop Andrew Valentine

6 thoughts on “Ideological Moratorium

  1. What a nice post. The world would be a nice place if we could all move toward a common goal without having to overcome each other’s ideology. That, in part is why I enjoy your blog. It is a very liberal view which often contradicts my own. Even though we often disagree, as you see my views as quite conservative, I learn things from you that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I am married to a man that can only be described as a conservative among conservatives and often sees my views as far too liberal, but I learn too from him and his friends things I wouldn’t know otherwise. An ideological moratorium would certainly speed along the process of becoming who I want to be and I assume it would for you and other’s as well.

    1. Reply: stephanie

      WOW! He must be reaaally conservative.

      I didn’t think you had it in ya, but you actually submitted a positive post. I’m not sure if I believe its 100% sincerity, but at least its not instant hateraide in a bag. I was getting tired of holding my breathe everytime you made a comment.

      Well it is possible to achieve if people just begin to consider others for more than 15 seconds. I pretty much disagree with you 90% of the time judging by the comments you’ve submitted. I disagree not because of your politics, but the tone and divisive nature of your comments. I’ve had some pretty nasty comments before which a handful don’t make it to publish because of the level of pure mean spiritness or hatred contain within them. Even though I strongly disagree with what you accuse me of half the time they still get published. I don’t think you’re an evil person, but miss the point. Perhaps now I can reference this post as the position I wish those who disagree/agree would take.

      Now the test will see how many people including yourself will actually apply the thoughts, ideas & suggestions of this post into your everyday. Thanks for reading.

  2. Interesting points Tim!

    One example comes to mind. No matter what the situation, you’re in a major discussion, and while you pause to inhale, you’re interupted and questioned. Why couldn’ I both finish the thought and keep my body alive at the same time?

    Secondly, and I know you concur, there is a difference between right/wrong versus agree/disagree. Sometimes when use that distinction to put someone in there place.

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